Sunday, September 11, 2011


9/11 is this one event, everyone remembers what they were doing when they first heard.
I stayed home from school that day as I was sick and while watching TV the program stopped and the news started showing the most horrible of images. Something no-one could comprehend until the second plane hit the twin towers. It was almost bizarre to watch it on the screen and see something unfold that would change the world as we knew it!
As I sit, watching the memorial service (loved that the president read out Psalm 46), I think about the people who died that day. Hearing their names being read out loud by relatives we remember that they're not just names but that every name had a face and a story and loved ones who dearly miss them.
Every single life is precious and I hope we live treasuring the time we have with the people in our world :)
Peace be with you NYC and everyone else affected x

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