Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Schnorres weekend pt 4 the girl edition

While the boys battled it out, we finally did what we've been saying for about a year:
we swapped clothing!
Lisl sent us all a long list of criteria we were to fulfill (haven't worn it in a year, don't feel comfortable wearing it, my partner doesn't like it, etc) and we spent all summer clearing out our closets. I do this on a regular basis as I move around so much, but if you've never done that, please try it. It will not only make some space in your wardrobe but also free yourself, definitely feels good to give stuff away and not to hold on to possessions.
 we started off with delicious chicken chowder
 Sophie creating a fab playlist
 wherever Ruth is, there's dessert :)
 let the fun begin: jewellery and hair accessories 
 can you imagine 9 girls trying on clothes haha the mirror was def too small

Everyone found at least a couple pieces with Lisl getting a whole new collection as she bagged everything that got too tight or short for us :) You might call this whole adventure guilt free shopping haha
The next day we all slept in and spent hours going through wedding pics from Ruth & Ian's big day. 
Later the boys returned, smelling smokey (kinda like a bonfire) and we all looked through photos from the Schnorres games :) Happy days, gang. Always a pleasure to hang with you xx

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