Saturday, April 23, 2011

girls night at the flower shop

Life has been a bit mental over the last couple weeks. Too much going on in everyone's life. The last weekend I've spent in Salzburg, apart from our running adventures last week, was mid February!!
To establish that we still get to hang out and catch up we decided to turn Tuesday nights into girls night at my house. Everyone comes round for dinner and we chat, chat, chat and chat some more :)
This week, we decided to help out Lisa's mum who runs a flower shop, Artifex. With Easter just around the corner she needed some help finishing off some things.
I was wondering what on earth I could help, since I've never worked with flowers before. On the other hand even my mum has helped out before Christmas and she is the most non-crafty person this world has ever seen. Sometimes I wonder if she has super powers, she just looks at things and they fall apart :)
Anyway, we had fun at Artifex, it's like a little shop filled with treasures, you could spend hours in there and not see everything.
Decided to do this again soon, if they let us haha. If you're ever in the area of Salzburg, you should definitely pop in!

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