Wednesday, April 13, 2011

JJ/MG tour round 4 Munich

There was one thing that excited me more than anything about driving into Munich. To see my good friend Sophie! It's been way to long since we last got to spend some time together. June to be precise.
Catching up over coffee is a million times better than talking on the phone or skype!
Strolling through town chatting was the best afternoon ever and way too short - time flies when you're having fun.
Nice to see some Vienna friends that night, they drove for hours just to see the boys play and hang out. Lovely seeing you people :)

Now, two strange things about Munich... the crowd was a bit unreceptive that night, people were not in a buying mood and left straight after JJ did a great set! What's that all about?!
The other thing I discovered, you have to pay to use the bathroom at a cafe!!! I was a customer for goodness sake?! Any ideas what happened there people?

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