Friday, April 15, 2011

Jupiter Jones

Four weeks on and I'm in love with the entire bunch haha.
Jupiter Jones & crew were the best people to do tour with. I'm gonna ruin your rock credibility now, but you guys were lovely, relaxed, always funny and so nice (except RK who should really have been born in Vienna according to his grumpiness haha)!
Having been the only girl on the band wagon, as Steffi had to go back to work after weekend number 2, they were never annoyed when I had no clue about their football antics, did my nails or asked for band aids when my ballerinas ripped my feet open, so they score extra brownie points.
Yup they're great!!
Follow them on here, become a fan here, like their crew here and buy their cds here! They'll be touring throughout Germany again in the fall and will even stop in Vienna(not in Germany!). Tickets on their webpage.
It was a pleasure hearing them play over the last month and can't wait to meet again one day xx
the finnish line tour
(not a spelling mistake, their tour poster showed them in front of a sauna!)
Sascha, Dennis, Tom, Gregor, Nicolas, Sami, Carsten, Becks, Tobi, Kevin, Paul, Hont
*missing Kasel, Chris, Raffi and Steffi*
I'll leave you with their current single Still and will shut up about touring for a bit :)

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