Monday, April 4, 2011

JJ/MG tour round 3 Saarbruecken

We finally left Vienna around 5am Friday morning after trying to fit everything into our smaller car this weekend. I even tested if there is enough space left for Raffi - sound master supreme
It would have worked, but we love him so we made some room in the back haha
You'll never guess but after seven hours of travelling I decided to go for a run as soon as we got to beautiful Saarbruecken. If you are ever in that area, go and have a look. Very picturesque and France is a stone's throw away!! Actually seeing signs for Paris made our hearts ache a little. It's never wrong to go there :)
But we had other things to do. Saarbruecken proved to be an amazing crowd and we had a great time staying with Miriam, who served us delicious breakfast.
(the last picture proves once again that I have the world's tiniest head!!! what to do, what to do???!!!)
Anyway it was a fantastic day, so much fun and we couldn't have had nicer people around us. Thank you Saarbruecken - you were rock stars! Special shout out to Miriam and Kati, thanks so much for hosting us x

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