Monday, April 11, 2011

JJ/MG tour round 4 Frankfurt

Two words - freakin awesome haha
Frankfurt was a blast, honestly!!
We got there after another long car ride, which didn't seem long after all these monster treks up to the north of Germany! What's 7 hours in a car, right.
It was a gorgeous day, very sunny and actually too warm for early April. Turns out it was good though as merch stands were outside that night, until the wind started blowing and I got cold feet that is.
Went for another run in the afternoon - can't believe I'll be running a 14km run in 3 weeks!!! What the hell was I seriously thinking????!!!! I asked the lady at the bar where I could go running and she sent me into the loveliest fields, flowers galore and heaps of allotments everywhere. Who knew that Frankfurt was that green.
It was nice to see familiar faces and make new friends that night. Massive THANK YOU to Bine for letting us crash at her place. She lives in the heart of the city and when I looked up through the rooflight above the bed I could see one of the sky scrapers. Random!!
 interpretive dance to Man In the Mirror
yoga on the roof 

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