Wednesday, April 20, 2011

round the Fuschlsee

On Saturday we did the seemingly impossible and went for a run round Fuschlsee. It's a lake quite close to Salzburg and the path around it is 11.3km long! I know!!! Why would you ever do this in your right mind! You do it to train for an even longer run! Silly us, really :)
Surprisingly it went really well and if it wasn't for all the steep uphill bits it would have been a really nice run. It was a nice run anyway because the scenery is breathtaking (google it and see for yourself).
I left my camera with Lisl at the cafe so there are only before pictures haha
we're such pros - NOT :)
Special shout out goes to Lisa. She wanted to come and run with us for a couple km but ended up doing the entire loop! She is a hard core mountain biker and is stronger than all of us together but hasn't run in more than a decade!! Well done friend, I'm proud of you x

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  1. Wow!!! Good job Astrid!! I do 2 miles tops on the treadmill and i'm dead!! haha!!