Tuesday, April 5, 2011

JJ/MG tour round 3 Koblenz

What can I tell you about Koblenz??
After a delicious breakfast in SB, four of us (our trusty sound guy had to go back to Austria) drove through the Eifel region - stunning!! -  and into the loveliest city.
Koblenz is where the Mosel and Rhine river join. Whoever knows me well, will know that I love water! Be it the ocean, a lake, rivers, streams, a silly little pond, etc. So I was a goner from the first moment :) Our time there started off with another Coffee To Help, hosted by the lovely Katrin. As it was a really sunny day and temperatures peaked at about 22C we were served ice coffee (For all you English and Americans, we don't do iced coffee but coffee with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream on top!!! that's the way to do it people).
The living room was packed with fellow musicians, friends and family and the boys played a short acoustic set before we headed to the venue. Spent the afternoon in the sunshine!!! So gorgeous out there by the river.
The night turned out to be a strange one, to be honest. Somehow the sound wasn't working (Raffi we missed you!!), people seemed to be unable to connect and poor boys were fighting colds.
Anyway we had fun and I'm glad to have been there, I'm sure the boys will be back working their magic once again :)

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