Monday, April 25, 2011

thoughts on Easter

The other day I was listening to a lady talking on the radio. A theologian, who was talking about Easter and what it represents in the traditional sense. It left me feeling really sad mixed with astonishment. There is someone who has studied to great lengths what this God thing is all about and I don't think that she's ever encountered Jesus?! I'm not sure how that happened.
The Jesus I celebrate is Almighty God, the One who conquered death and left an empty grave. He is first in line of humanity restored, hence we live with free access to our Creator. No rituals, no sacrifices, no mediators, etc needed. Jesus did it all and made a way!
I am forever grateful and that is why I celebrate Easter, to worship the One who saved me! In Him is life, forgiveness, hope, freedom, power, healing, restoration, fullness of joy and I do hope you know Him.
Happy Easter and have a great start into the next week xx

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