Monday, March 26, 2012

diy play cushion

It was Miss K's birthday and I set out on a little diy challenge to make a present that would tick all the boxes of what I would look out for in a toy:

  • non-plastic
  • adventurous
  • colourful
  • different textures
  • fun
  • no noise (!!)
  • educational

This is what I came up with, after playing around with all the fabric and haberdashery I found in my stacks of supplies :)
denim shutters to reveal a stitched love heart
window with curtains, back of window is waxed fabric to contrast
voila! house part: door with zipper, leather flap with string to thread through
big button on top - a favourite as it turns out
flowers with different textured buttons, 
tree with hidden pockets and apples that can be pulled off the velcro
there is also a pocket on the side that holds a medium sized knitted bow
Maybe I had more fun making this cushion than she will ever have playing with it :) 
happy birthday Miss K - you are a special little girl and I'm glad to know you x

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