Monday, March 12, 2012

hanging out

We've got two well deserved days off after a fun week on the road.
Once we wanted to drive to our friends house on our day off, one of the cars caved and we had to get it replaced and the car is hopefully getting fixed today. Exciting times haha
Anyway we are hanging out with two of Germany's best, reading lots, so far have eaten one of the richest, yummiest cakes I've ever had (totally broke my sugar fast for that but if they go through the effort, who'd say no! back to no sugar for me now), watched movies, countless cups of tea, etc. It's almost like being home away from home, total bliss and the sofa being ridiculously comfortable doesn't help not wanting to get up, sigh.
Time to shout out to three amazing people in my world who share a birthday: Crystal, Ian and Simon - happy happy birthday, love you all xx
More later party people. 

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