Monday, March 5, 2012

Minefield Tour day 12

Short journeys between gigs equals good days. Let me tell you one thing: sitting in a car for days and days just doesn't get a whole lot more exciting than it's been at the very beginning! Don't get me wrong, we laugh a lot and so far there have never been severe fights, BUT your legs fall asleep, you can't stretch and you're basically confined to a tin box.
Saturday took us to Wuerzburg for the Taubertal Rocknight - another festival teaser. It was a return to the Posthalle, where we've played with the lovely JJs back in October - click here for evidence. Either they've changed their sofas or we just got a nicer room than last time haha Raffi came up from Munich so the team was complete again.
If there would have been more people, I wonder how the night would have gone, it was a tough crowd for all bands but high fives for pulling through everyone!
pretty old town
 Gregor trying if he could pass for a lighting guy haha
 the very famous newsletter machine
Good to see you Wuerzburg... team My Glorious will be back another time.

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