Sunday, March 18, 2012

Minefield Tour day 19

Every time we've passed this city, driving from who-knows-where to cant-remember, all we've seen was horrible housing estates. What a surprise to find a nice town behind the concrete jungle :)
It was a fine evening with a great crowd and a fun support act.
Only drawback: eating soup and going into lactose shock.
FYI after weeks on tour Raffi and I have started a campaign "stop the bread". If you're sick of feeling tired and bloated all day from eating too much bread, come and join us haha
 how cute are the carrot and pepper palm trees :) 
do you see the masses of bread?! imagine having that every day, all day!! this was by far the nicest display so far though, but still "stop the bread"!
 support: tapes in mailboxes

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