Friday, March 16, 2012

stock take

Do you ever feel like you don't belong or that life is getting too much to take or that your thoughts are taking you places, you really shouldn't go?
It's been the weirdest week so far... ups and downs and everything in between. Everything culminating with me going for a walk and crying in the park. Why the park, you ask, because you're never by yourself when you're on tour! The surrounding houses must have thought a crazy lady is in their midst: massive sunnies and sobbing and shouting to God haha What a terrific sight that must have been. It felt great to get it all out though :)
I have an amazing life and I love what I do but sometimes it takes a few little things to make you question all your decisions and your place in life and where it is heading. Strange but never wrong to reflect on all these things.
Nothing like a New Girl episode to pick you up while everyone else sound checks and knowing that there are three days off in the very near future :) Okay rant over, happy weekend everyone x

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