Thursday, March 1, 2012

holidayyyyy - short and sweet

Who'd say no to a couple of days with their besties... yup no one!
I'm back from hanging out in Salzburg - holidays as they were intended to be: relaxing, reviving and tons of fun.
As half of us were feeling under the weather, Sunday was spent watching skiing and ski jumping haha I guess you have to be Austrian for that ever to be interesting.
The next couple days included: going for walks, first run in 2012 (32 min is not bad, but boy was I hurting the next day), visiting Schniffi, lots of cooking and family meals, knitting, researching, Lisl preparing a talk about social learning for toddlers and reading different articles out loud :), reading, going out to Spleen HQ (watch this space, there will be lots to come!!), playing around with our cameras, re-watching Slumdog Millionaire, lying on wooden sticks to relax our backs - weird right, but strangely comfortable, balcony sessions and mostly chatting from morning till bed time. Happy days.
To top it off, I stopped in Linz on my way back and had a late lunch with Ruth! What a blessed life I live... it's a bit ridiculous, I know xx

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