Saturday, March 31, 2012

spur of the moment getaway

My friend Claudia messaged me last week that she needs a change of scenery and if I'd be up for a city trip anywhere from Budapest to Salzburg. Being the gal that I am of course I said that I would come along.
Friday night we decided to go to Graz and stay at flashy Hotel Daniel, after our friend Steve couldn't recommend it highly enough.
The next morning the sun was shining in full force and we were off :)
 ridiculous spring time weather invited us to relax in the park
funny story: for the entire summer I listened to one of the gentleman of the choir talk about how lovely the tiled roofs are in Graz. A very opinionated person slagging off every other city compared to the beauty of these roofs. Now I'd have to admit that they are quite pretty :)
the design hotel - whatever that means haha - if you want to visit Graz, I'd totally recommend it!
 funniest thing about the rooms: the shower has this massive glass panel looking into the room
a tiny bit weird but nice to have that much light while showering :)
It was a short trip filled with excellent food, great chats, time with God, walking around a pretty city, going to cafes just for the sake of reading the newspapers (if you've never done that, please do yourself a favour and do it), hanging out in the park getting some sun, browsing through lots of little shops, an early night and an unexpected breakfast with the lovely Chris.
Sometimes you need to get away from it all and a mini city trip plus a close friend will make all the difference. Happy weekend everyone x

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