Wednesday, April 4, 2012

the hunt for a bicycle and a cute helmet

It has probably been 15 years since someone stole my bike and I've only ever borrowed bikes since then.
All I wanted was a nice vintage-y looking Amsterdam bike with a basket in the front :) I've searched the net to find an original - I'm tall and most people sell small ladies bikes - and tried my luck at flea markets to no avail. You can find beautiful bikes but they will cost you an arm!
Yesterday, after looking around for new bikes for a while, I finally went to a bike store and tried pretty much everything they had there. Amsterdam bikes, beach cruisers, townies, etc. Most of them are a one size fits all and you just need to adjust the seat. The seat, however, was always down to its lowest setting and I felt like a giant on a kiddy bike :) Anybody remember the Friends episode where Phoebe learns to ride a bike and in the end they give her a bike with tassels and everything? It felt a bit like that haha
Anyway I ordered a new bicycle woop woop!
The only thing left to get is a new helmet. Somewhere in my parents basement, there still is a neon pink helmet I had when I was about twelve and which my parents made me wear while going for a walk one day and they just kept laughing every time they turned around to look at me. It's a long story haha. Shows how cruel my parents were - not really - but there is no way I will ever wear this monster of a helmet again.
I remembered looking at this picture  last year and did a little scream - finally a cute bike helmet. Hate all the plastic gear this world has to offer, the world needs cuter sports gear! So I went on a hunt to find a similar one here in not-so-stylish Austria, but I might just have found one. More later x

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