Friday, April 6, 2012

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Does anyone remember the Advent calendar I did last year and stopped a few days before Christmas as work just got a bit crazy? (Seriously 8 shows in 3 days is just not normal!)
I'll just conclude with this since it's Good Friday and we remember Jesus bearing the sins of the world before we celebrate the resurrected Christ on Sunday. 

 Isa53.5, 1Peter2.24, John1.29, 2Cor5.21, Heb2.9 &9.28, 1Peter2.24 
The cross is a place we don’t have to run to every time we sin. Jesus did that, once and for all, everything was dealt with on that cross 2000 year ago.
We go to the cross to glorify God and marvel at the magnificent, wondrous and awesome thing we call salvation. 
Hearts cannot contain how beautiful it is. 
If we sing "Oh come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord" at Christmas, how much more reason to sing it now :)
Happy Easter everyone x

Thoughts from last years Easter.

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