Friday, April 27, 2012

Grein visit

Last weekend three girls piled into a car in Vienna and went to see their friend, who moved to a village next to the Danube river when she got married last year  :)
I hadn't seen Margit since her wedding last June and thought that it's about time that I get to see her. So on a very sunny day, accompanied by Karin and Tini, we made our way to Grein.
What followed was lots of good food, walks around town and along the Danube river, a concert, having drinks with the band afterwards, a tour of the theatre and much more but most of all catching up with everyone!
couldn't get enough of the river!!!!
this boat, a traditional Zille, was supposed to get back into the water after a long winter but something needed to be fixed... might have to go back for a little cruise
Greinburg - a bit of a mix between castle and palace
these boots were definitely not made for walking in such terrain :)
if you look close enough you can see snowcapped mountains in the back
Trio Lepschi
Margit and Lothar on the opposite side as we sat in the box!
Until the 18th century theatres used to be exclusively for royalty, at or close to court. This theatre is the oldest citizen theatre in the German-speaking world, founded in 1791 and is really worth a visit. 
standing in front of the first ever poster
Always good to see and catch up with friends, I had a great time and will definitely be back. Maybe one day I'll cycle there. Apparently Grein is the exact middle between Passau and Vienna, therefore a lot of bikers who cycle the Danube path, in either direction, stop there for a visit. 
Hope everyone starts into an amazing weekend x

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