Wednesday, April 25, 2012

natural fabric dying/eco printing continues

Last time I talked about the process of natural fabric dying and eco printing, the two cloths were still tightly wrapped up.  Unwrapping these is almost like Christmas for me.

Let's start with bundle number two... wrapped and sealed in a ziplock bag
unwrapped and drying
dried, rinsed and dried again, all the purple patches have turned to a more greenish colour :)

Bundle number one, the one that got soaked in mordant...
beautiful onion skin print
once this set the entire fabric changed to a yellow/orange tint

So far I've only tried cold bundling and have another two little scraps of fabric soaking on my windowsill but I'm itching to start with hot bundling once I go scavenging into the woods to find more material to use for printing and dying. Next thing on the list will be to stop dying cotton and start with dying silk and wool. 
Also looking for a copper vessel if anyone has one sitting around somewhere :)
Find part one here

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