Saturday, April 21, 2012

a New Girl marathon

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We've never talked New Girl before, have we?!
Maybe my friends, my brother and I are a teeny tiny bit obsessed with this show, but have you ever watched New Girl? If there is one thing I'd have to pick, what's so crazy about this show: the writing is out of this world! Not to forget the introduction of the douchebag jar - genius!! Honestly the things they come up with are hilarious and most of the lines are so catchy you have to be careful not to use them all the time haha.
After weeks of sending quotes back and forth and laughing our heads off, the three of us got together and watched pretty much every episode there is so far (we missed out on two or three, but having started in the afternoon we gave up at 1am haha).
Watching it together was just heaps more fun and for the next day we all were in a haze. Half way through we even dressed up Birgit became Jess, Chris put on a cardigan and instantly turned into Schmidt and I was sporting plaid just like Nick. Oh the fun that can be had!
Love those two for being as crazy and up for it, plus they made me a birthday cake - brownie points times a million.
I'll leave you with one of my all time favourite Schmidt moment...

and because Max Greenfield is a funny genius and released this yesterday

prepare to laugh!
Happy weekend, may it be filled with fun stuff and lots of belly laughs xx

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