Wednesday, April 11, 2012

the process of natural fabric dying

Anybody know that feeling, when you don't want to wait for something but rather jump right into it?
Last September I got given a great book about botanical dyes and it's been accompanying me ever since. So far I have only read half of it but I've been trying out different techniques - evidenced here.
Now that the weather is nice and warm again, it's a lot easier to do solar dyes again and a week ago I put the next piece of fabric into a jar:
This one has strawberry leaves and onion skin wrapped up with a metal clamp doing it's own thing to colour it. Since I wrecked the clamp last time - making it all rusty in the vinegar mordant - I might as well ruin it completely and use it for future dye adventures. Sorry Dad!!!
 A week later it looks like this :)
Another piece of fabric is wrapped around a rusty piece of metal and has two different kinds of onion skin thrown in the mix.
It is killing me not to unwrap them, but the longer they soak up the colours the better it gets. I'll see how long I last at this. To be continued...

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