Tuesday, June 5, 2012

another quick hike

Last week two of my favourite Aussies stopped by in Vienna. I wrote a bit about them two years ago, while I was staying in Sydney they just became family. It's been four years since I saw them in London, yet it felt like we hung out a couple days ago. Love that!
After two weeks of city sight seeing around Europe they were ready for some greenery, so I took them to the Vienna woods for a little hike :)
there were quite a few hikers and crazy people on mountain bikes around
let's just say our forest is nothing like the Australian bush, so everything had to be documented :)
the wall in the background belonged to a toboggan run built in 1928
My calves were burning the next morning but it was good to get out and be surrounded by nature. Sometimes I forget that having the woods right outside the city is just plain luxury.
More about our city adventures later. 

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