Wednesday, June 6, 2012

GIANTREE - homegrown music

As Austrian I've complained way too much about the kind of music coming out of our country - with one major exception and a few others haha anyway Giantree is a band that has me excited, quite a bit excited to be honest :)
This song made me go and watch them play last week at a tiny open air event in the city called Donaukanaltreiben. Phenomenal! I even got a free button - honestly who doesn't like free stuff haha It's also great to see girls on stage.
It was a lovely evening and the atmosphere was a very happy one. Summer you are at our finger tips!!
Here are two horrible photos but that's all I got...
Go and like them on facebook or check out tour dates and where to buy their album here, after you can come back and thank me for pointing you in their direction ha!

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