Saturday, June 30, 2012

a weekend of madness in two acts - part 2

Saturday started like any other day. The boys went for breakfast with 2 friends and my brother while I was busy making the silly banner as mentioned here. We met up for lunch to get a real Schnitzel - our waiter is a whole other story in itself! - just to part ways again. 
At night just before the sun was setting we met up at the Donauinsel for the annual Donausinselfest. A three day open air festival on an island in the Danube river. It's free and there are tons of stages and fun parks and food carts, etc so millions of people pass by over the weekend. It's mad!
The only thing we knew about that night was that Samy Deluxe would be playing the fm4 stage. Good Lord were we in for a surprise (I can't stop laughing even as I type this).
Sadly we missed the wonderful Giantree but were just in time for...
drumroll please.... AUSTROFRED
How do you explain that guy to the masses? He is an Austrian copy of Freddie Mercury hence the name.  To sum it up in a sentence: take the music of Queen and add the lyrics of some Austropop classics. Sound insane? It sure is, but maybe a really clever idea because we could all sing along to it haha Poor Germans had no idea what'd hit them :)
He is the gift that keeps on giving!!!!!!! Youtube him if you don't believe me.
Ulrich and the two Hannahs joined us just at the end of it and I got to catch up with our very best Raffi who was in charge of sound. Woop woop.
Finally Samy Deluxe came on stage and for the next two hours we danced the night away.
Cause we are young and free, yay.
Totally worth going and we must have been so caught up in music and moving that none of us ever noticed the fireworks that went down haha
The rest of the night was spent having drinks and laughing so so much, before we trekked across Vienna to retrieve the car and take the girls home. Finding Town Town (don't ask!) and other silly things along the way. Finally got home when the sun came up :)
I was so dead I didn't even realise when the three boys got up, packed their things(including memorabilia nr 1&2) and had breakfast. Made it just before they were on their long drive back home.
Thanks for coming lovely friends, prepare for September is all I can say. The bar is set high ahahaha

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