Monday, June 25, 2012

current obsession

Remember this Ed Sheeran song people? Not only is it my favourite song off "+" but it had the best video accompanying it. You can watch it here.
This version is beyond ridiculous... Talk about artistry! Can't stop listening to this version, as a non-musician who is surrounded by a lot of music, I'm not that easily impressed by a lot that's going on, but what this boy does with his guitar, voice and loop pedal is just spectacular. Might be your biggest fan Ed!

frozen yoghurt
... with muesli and fruit or honey. It's become my summer staple, bye ice cream you are way too sweet.
Funny story, bestie Simon came for the weekend and brought two friends - a lot more on that later - but I took Alex and Markus to an ice cream place saying that it's the best ice cream in Vienna. When they ordered I went across the street to get frozen yoghurt, which they kept making fun of for the rest of their time here "I'll take you to Vienna's best ice cream, but I'll have something else" hahahaha 

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