Friday, June 29, 2012

a weekend of madness in two acts - part 1

Take one of your crazy best friends
add two new friends he brings along,
a tiny heatwave
a truck load of music
and three days.
Shake it all up and what you get might just resemble a pretty perfect weekend :)

I guess the original plan was, for them to come as Beirut were playing here in Vienna, however tickets sold out and Simon ended up being the only one with a ticket (not the first time, ask him about a certain Heinz gig in Salzburg a decade ago!) haha Off he went and Alex, Markus and I set off to wander the streets of Vienna - insert silly ice cream/frozen yoghurt incident here - before heading to Adria/Donaukanal to watch Germany play Greece in the EuroCup. Outdoor screenings are the way to go in this heat!
meet Markus
and Alex
thank God Germany won 4:1 
not sure what all the 500 people watching there would have done if they hadn't
Despite all intentions to dance the night away we caved and went for hot dogs and drinks in two pubs (and we have memorabilia to prove it haha) crashing a 30th birthday party along the way
an introduction to Viennese fast food
souvenir nr 1 - Slatin Pascha - he went on to travel all the way back home with the boys 
as did souvenir nr 2 - beer glassware 

Part two and a special musical highlight tomorrow x

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