Friday, June 15, 2012

like a breath of fresh air

When I went to KHM which is the Museum of Art History here in Vienna, we were wandering around looking at all the different paintings. As that era includes mostly paintings on religious subjects and court portraits, it was one holy or royal family after another. Beautiful paintings but a bit repetitive after a while and all of a sudden there's this:
Fire by Giuseppe Arcimboldo (image from here)
I could have stood there staring at it for hours! Check out this link for a few more paintings and his story. Can't believe Arcimboldo wasn't burnt at the stake at a time when every other painting had a religious subject :) Quite unbelievable for a 16th century painter.
There were three more painting by him so if you ever happen to be in the area make sure to pop in and look at those paintings - they're breathtaking, seriously!
Happy weekend people xx

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