Tuesday, June 12, 2012

playing tourist in and around Vienna

While Dave & Carol were here, I found myself being a tourist again. Always good to have an excuse to  venture out and explore the city a bit more, as I found that you hardly ever do that in the place you grow up in.
We started off in Moedling...
 went on to Gumpoldskirchen...
 and on to Baden...
the rose gardens there are extensive, I think Carol found her happy place :)
ended our night at the Heurigen with a couple of friends & family - you know everyone's feeling great when horrible jokes are being translated and fake accents are being put on haha
The next day brought more adventures in the city...
 Neue Burg museum
we saw the museum of ancient musical instruments, the arms and armour museum and the Ephesos exhibition before we headed over to KHM
taking a break and fleeing the rain at Cafe Demel
Ended our little Vienna trip with some yummy Indian food before we said our good byes and my Aussie family went on to explore more of Europe :)

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