Wednesday, October 10, 2012

beeswax/almond oil hand balm diy

Every time I come to England during the colder months, my hands and fingers start looking like I went over them with a cheese grater! Maybe it's the humidity or the water quality, actually I have no idea but the point is that it's not a pretty sight and it hurts!
Going with the idea of not creating more waste, I was thinking about options other than buying hand cream. Mostly because it comes in plastic packaging 90% of the time and so far I haven't found one that would be effective in these conditions around here.
I remembered coming across this post by 3191 and looked it up, saw that it was ridiculously easy and set out to gather the ingredients. Two that is!
Tracking down beeswax in a city proved to be a bit of a  challenge(or I can't google like other people?!) but I found the cutest shop in Clapham and I'm sure I'll be back. Almond oil on the other hand should be available in most shops. I never got essential oils to perfume it as I loved the beeswax and almond smell. Maybe I'll add lemon next time :)

Basically you take

  • 1 part beeswax to 
  • 4 parts of a carrier oil, I used almond oil

Heat up and melt beeswax in one jar, warm up oil in another and combine. Stir and let it cool down.
There are no tricks, it's as simple as that.
The jar I used turned out to be gigantic for the amount I made haha
It's not the cheapest thing to do but to be honest I paid about a tenner for 6oz of the finished balm and you get a Burt's Bees 2oz tin for the same price. In your face world, not going back to store bought creams!

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