Monday, October 8, 2012

road trip in September

About a month ago I went on a little road trip to Switzerland and Germany, as I had a wedding near Stuttgart to attend. Not that I need an excuse to go traveling :)
There's something about being able to get on the road and explore that is deeply rooted in my nature but it's even better when there are friends waiting for you on the other end!

First rest stop was just before Munich. If I happen to be going from Salzburg to Munich I always stop at this coffee shop/restaurant called Dinzler. I'm not a big coffee person but this place has great coffee, lovely staff and great interior design AND lactose free milk, which earns them about a million points in my books!

Anyway my first proper stop was just north of Zurich to see three of my favourite Swiss people :) There's something about people you've lived with. They see you in your best and worst moments and yet they're still friends with you. Surprising right!! D&P are some of the best people I know, just wish they'd be closer sometimes so I could pop over for a couple hours. Also Miss V is growing up so fast!

Next up was a stop just north of Basel to see bestie Simon. A couple of days of eating ice cream, going for runs, not having to get up and staying in bed to read all morning, watching funny movies, laughing a lot, watching the boys rock climbing and enjoying the last bit of summer sun. (Feel a bit spoilt since I got to see Simon so much this year plus he's sitting on my sofa as I'm writing this ha!)

On my way to Goeppingen for the big wedding I took the back roads and drove through the Black Forest instead of taking the motorway. Best decision ever! It was a cloudless, sunny day and the scenery is absolutely stunning!

Pics and stories from the wedding later but guess where I stopped on the way back haha

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