Monday, October 15, 2012

cycling to Bratislava

Usually before I head out of the country, I like to assemble all my favourite people. We always go out for drinks, which is lovely but this time I wanted to break with tradition and do something completely different.
I sent out an email if anyone was up for some bicycle action - a trip to Bratislava along the Danube river. I had talked to Ian at some point during the summer about it and how much fun this could be and he was the first to reply haha Most people weren't sure about it but in the end everyone was keen and for some reason Sami was the one most excited about it haha
Ten of us set out for the trip and only one made it. Kidding! We all made it and it felt like a big family day out. I think that during the entire journey everyone got to cycle with someone else, chatting as they were riding along. We were pushing those pedals, picnicked somewhere in the national park, ate cake and had a laugh.

Some call us crazy but those 75km were totally worth it. I guess everyone was very happy to take the train back though :) Thanks for coming out to play everyone. Next year we'll make it to Budapest haha Love you all x

Funny thing we found out later: the day of our trip was World Car Free Day - couldn't have planned that one better!

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