Thursday, October 11, 2012

the wedding of Sarah & Kaleb

A friend of mine recently accused me of attending too many weddings. Not my fault when everyone around me is getting hitched haha
For the finale of my little road trip I went to a place near Stuttgart to reunite with a few of my college girls and celebrate the marriage of Sarah and Kaleb. 
Sarah, being the sweet person she is, offered her apartment to us and Nela and I took that opportunity to come a day early to hang out and catch up. We had dinner at a restaurant where the waitress messed up our drink orders (we told her and another waiter brought the exact same drink out again) and forgot all about our entrees haha. Has anyone seen the Happy Endings episode with the waiter who doesn't write anything down? It was exactly like that :)  Never mind, we had a great time and were excited for the next day.
It was a beautiful wedding and we partied till the early hours. Woop woop!
These people hold a very special place in my heart. The last time we were all together in one place was for Rob & Dee's wedding, evidence here. Every time I see them it is refreshing and the most normal thing to all be together and we can't stop chatting (which happens when there are girls involved).
So much love was in the air...

Congratulations Sarah & Kaleb, this will be one fantastic journey for you guys. 
Next reunion in Berlin! 

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  1. Really love all this wedding photos.. Congratulations Sarah & Kaleb!!

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