Tuesday, December 8, 2009

big cities and bread

As I went on my little shopping spree to get ingredients for dinner tonight, I once again realized why I love this city so much. Even though it is a massive city - all Austrians could live here and we'd still have room for another 4 million people -  you still feel like you're in a village or rather lots of little villages.
Rather than having a massive super market, there are still your bakery, butcher, fruit and veg shop, post office, bank, chemist, etc. It's lovely when you pop into a shop and number one they're not rushing and number two it's personal.
My favourite place right now is this little french bakery around the corner. I love listening to them talk and so wish I would remember more than "Je voudrais un croissant". Five years of french down the drain! Anyway, they have sourdough bread and let me tell you, it is divine. 
Seriously is there anything better than bread? The person who made that up was a genius or very lucky. No matter what it was, from the bottom of my heart, thank you very much!!!

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