Monday, December 7, 2009

sundays should be fun days

Woke up to the wonderful sound of rain hitting the overhead windows this morning and just the thought of getting out of bed was terrifying. Let alone walking down the road to catch the tube into the city. Did it anyway and it was well worth it.

The moment I stepped foot into church it felt like being back home. I love the house of God - better is one day in Your courts, right. Biju Thampy from Vision Rescue was speaking this morning. He and his team do an incredible work among street children in Mumbai. It's one thing to oversee a ministry like that, but to hear him tell individual stories of how lives have been transformed because Jesus stepped in and brought hope, healing and restoration, is just amazing. He said something really profound today that still keeps ringing in my head,
"Partnership extends your hands."
I remember someone else say something similar once, why start something fresh when you can get behind someone else's work and partner with them? It is a privilege to be involved in their work and see what is happening all the way over in India.

Rest of the day was spent

lunching with Lydia and Maria

a trip to the British Museum - had an hour to fill before church so we did a 45 min eyeOpener gallery tour. Instead of getting overwhelmed with everything you could see, we spent 45 minutes in one room and learnt about the Sutton Hoo Ship Burial :)

back to church to hear Sanga bringing down the house. He used to be our high school age youth pastor in Sydney and does a great job with Youth Alive NSW and travels with United. If you want to listen to his message click here, it should be up tomorrow.

lastly a little detour to Winter Wonderland, a pseudo Christmas market in Hyde Park. So much fun to stroll around and people watch.

God, good friends, fun - what more could you possibly want... By the way, from the moment I stepped outside, it hasn't rained once for the rest of the day!!

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  1. Lovely post! You're so lucky to live in a city like London!! =) love you xo