Wednesday, December 16, 2009

good bye for now

Once again I packed my bags and am about to head to the airport. I feel like I only just got here and saying good bye to friends and family is not nice. It'll be almost 2 months before I'm back again.
London I will miss you!!!
On another note... Somebody needs to remind me, what the heck I was thinking when I booked a 6am flight!!! Being in London comes with all kinds of benefits, but if you need transportation to the airport it is a pain in the butt!! At least at that time of night.
It's not like I haven't had my fair share of staying at the airport due to missed connecting flights. Experiences range from getting really ill - thank you air condition for distributing germs - to phone calls from drunk friends nearby (who decided to check their phones at 1am after you've been calling for hours if you can have a little floor space somewhere that's not the airport) to finally falling asleep, in an embryo like position due to all those nice armrests they've put up in-between chairs, only to be woken up by construction work that starts around midnight. Happy days.
Tonight is special, I am going to stay at the airport on purpose so I don't have to pay a million pounds on a taxi at four in the morning. Yippie Yay. I'm equipped with books and my trusty ipod and will hopefully not fall asleep and miss my flight :) Jesus help me!

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