Friday, December 4, 2009

no pain no gain

Jamie Cullum once sang:

You know the sunlight always shines, 
Behind the clouds of London Skies.

That was my mantra yesterday as it was pouring down and would you know it, today we had clear blue skies. With very very low flying planes, rules must have changed in the last couple weeks. Weird!

Despite the rain, I went for a run yesterday. 
Now let me explain, I don't do running I'm a walker and it's the biggest deal for me! Still think it's the most boring thing and somebody needs to explain the whole "endorphins get released when you exercise" deal again -  so not happening!!!
For now I'm blaming my wonderful new runners and early new years resolutions. At the end of the day it'll be good in the long run and help me when I'm 70, ha take that brother who make fun of me.
Today I'm sore all over as I haven't been running since school days and I pray to God that it will stop hurting the more I do it.

Here some photos of our tree decorating shenanigans. Poor Zeke didn't know that you can't lean on the tree so he fell head first. It got caught on camera and is therefore kinda funny :)

Loving Kings & Queens  the new 30 seconds to Mars song at the moment, can't get enough of that and the new Vampire Weekend song. Too funny.

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  1. no, no my dear, you're not a 'walker' you're a 'Spaziergänger' that's totally different!!