Thursday, December 3, 2009

rain, rain, rain - welcome to the UK

After 2 flights, a trip on the tube and a taxi ride I am finally back with my favourite London family.

Sometimes I love travelling alone as you get to chat to all these people. This time I became the friend of the elderly on my 5 hours layover in Toronto. They all had wheelchair assistance, so I met a couple from India on their way to Goa, which I apparently would love and have to go to :) They've lived everywhere(Asia, Africa, Europe and now America) and it was fascinating to listen to their stories. Also got to chat to a tiny old lady - seriously I could have put her in my pocket - even though she's old and needs help getting around, she still loves travelling and we bonded over not liking how wet England is in the winter.

Got to pick up my favourite 2 year old from nursery last night, he immediately ran up to me and I got a big hug!! Crazy how much he developed in those 2.5 months.
It is so nice to be back here, can't wait for the weekend and church!
Gotta go and get my wellies out of storage now.

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