Thursday, November 3, 2011

hair bands

The lovely Veronika is hosting a card party next week, to sell her "veronicards" to all those that are looking for cute cards to send at Christmas time and for other occasions.
She asked me to contribute something and after ages of having them lying around I decided to sell off all those hair bands I made! That is I finally got around to attach them to elastic ribbons!
As Ruth, who would have been perfect to model these, is travelling NYC(major envy!) & the UK with Ian at the moment, I had some fun playing around with photo booth (some say it's the only reason I have a mac - might be true haha).
white and red bows - 100% cotton
all fabric - 100% cotton and naturally died
blue & green bow- 100% wool
this little bow is the reason my glorious call me minnie mouse and not just that, they tell everyone from stage that minnie mouse is selling cds out in the foyer :)


  1. would looove to model for them next time!!! dont think you need me though - these pics are gorgeous x

  2. awww love you!!! there are still some that I haven't taken, so I'll bring them and my camera x

  3. Thanks for the post!

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