Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Konvoi tour day 19

We left Munich to pick up Raffi and headed straight to Kaiserslautern. I think this weekend everyone was a bit over sitting in a black van and the atmosphere was waiting to explode.
Had a long chat to Lisl once we got there - what a difference talking to your best friend makes.
Anyway night and a large crowd came, selling out Kammgarn. Strange as the audience was kinda old and I bet half of them didn't know
Miriam, one of our hosts in the spring, travelled all the way from Saarbruecken and it was so lovely to see her again and catch up!
told you I'm obsessed with MAC's Ruby Woo
 Gregor wanting in on the lipstick action hahahaha
 can you see how excited Kasel is about standing next to me every night
 sometimes I wonder if people regret this in the morning...
Miriaaaaaaaaam, thanks for coming x

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