Saturday, November 12, 2011

Konvoi tour day 21

As this was my last Konvoi gig, I told everyone beforehand that I might get emotional. Poor boys had to put up with a girl for three weeks and in the end she has the nerve to tell them that there will be tears!!! (there weren't, in case you were wondering ha)
It was so much fun being in Vienna (Arena you're a hole but I like you!). Can't tell you how much I enjoyed not sitting in a car for seven plus hours to get somewhere - which is really mean as the lovely JJs drove a day each way just to come and play a single concert.
After a few technical hiccups there was nothing going to stop this show. Friends and family rocked up and made it even better.
Koener once again became my merch buddy, killing it by bringing champagne in an ice bucket hahaha Romy helped but I reckon I had at least 2/3 of it - hence no tears. Anyway we bonded over trash pop and Katy Perry. Yes!
We all went photo crazy that night, thanks for snapping away Romy.
By the way, Romy is the only one willing to jump around with me, getting extra credit for that. For the last song of the night we went in and danced our little hearts out, crashing into each other and screaming at the top of our lungs. My arms are still bruised, but it was well worth it. When we came back K asked what the hell was going on as he could just hear squeals haha
that tangle of hair :)
flower - getting quite a bit of response covering abuse... those emails make me teary, thanks for sharing your stories x
we're such gangsters - not
Mock has a way better version of that last photo... don't ask me why it is so freakishly bright!
Such a good night. Bittersweet as I hate good byes, but I'll wrap this whole thing up now, say thank you Vienna and do another post singing all those boys praises x

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