Friday, November 4, 2011

Konvoi tour day 16

After two days at home we took off Wednesday morning and picked Thomas and Raffi up along the way and made our way to Werk 2 in Leipzig.
It seems as if there is nothing around the city, it's darn flat and just grass but once you get into the city there are beautiful and grande buildings you've never seen before! Looked amazing.
As I mentioned before, during the night someone stole three of our cds.
If you ever read this: I truly hope you enjoy it! You should have just asked and if in need I would have given it to you... I'll dedicate "a crook, a creep, a thief" to you.
 Lieblingstape interview
merch kingdom and its king
Kasel got his award and put it on his derriere - doesn't he look absolutely thrilled to receive such an honour :)
Thank you Leipzig! See you next time x

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