Thursday, November 10, 2011

Konvoi tour day 20

Braunschweig felt like the very last concert of this tour. Not strictly true but as I'm leaving for London on Saturday, Thursday night in Vienna will be my last Konvoi gig boohooooooo
Anyway Braunschweig it was fun with you. We met a guy whose name is Falco!!!! If you don't know who Falco is please google it. Never thought we'd say hi and bye to Falco - at least for us Austrians it was a funny moment :)
 Austria vs Germany and for the first time ever Austria came out on top...
 backstage shenanigans 
These two came out to Bielefeld, Bremen and Braunschweig... Don't think we hit any more B places :) Lovely seeing you girls and thanks for keeping me company x

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