Monday, November 14, 2011

Jupiter Jones & My Glorious - the Konvoi recap

It's been a blast
Full stop
Nothing to add to that
Haha as if...
Team My Glorious was unbelievable... I love those boys! We sat in the car for something ridiculous like 150 hours, not sure how many kilometer we covered but believe me when I say, enough!
We had all sorts of moments during the last month. Moments of laughter, moments where we wanted to kill each other (mostly driving/parking related), moments that made our hearts ache (thanks again to those sharing your stories after listening to Flower - this is in no way taken for granted and I'm forever grateful for your bravery in writing it down for us), ordinary moments and moments where we couldn't give a damn haha.
Sami wrote a tour blog of our usual run down, you can read the whole truth here.
To have the girls come out on different parts of the tour was also a highlight. Hooray for bringing family and having them be part of the experience.
So a round of applause and the biggest thank you goes to Sami, Gregor, Paul, Raffi and Thomas. The five lads who dare to travel with a girl haha.

The lovely JJs - that includes everyone and not just the foursome or rather five you see on stage. I've shouted it from the roof tops in the spring but those boys are quite something! All of them.
I'll let you in on something: they've been on the road pretty much the entire year!!! So despite being gone from home for months and living on top of each other, spirits are still up and people could do with just a fraction of their work attitude.
You should see the crew at the end of the night! As I said before, nothing goes unnoticed and we've seen your hard work and appreciate it all the more. You're amazing!!!
Anyway I feel spoilt that I got to listen to them every night. When Simon came to visit in Karlsruhe, he leaned over to me during "Berlin" asking "Is it just as magical when you experience it for the millionth time?" and I have to say, yes it is :)
Thank you so much for taking us on board, being amazing and fun people and so incredibly normal to be around. You deserve all the success you're having and I hope that come the end of tour you get to enjoy it all the more xxx

A massive shout out goes to all the beautiful people in Germany for coming out! It was great to meet so many of you.
When the night is over and people start streaming out, some people have this radiant look on their face, showing that they've just had the best night of their lives. It might just be my favourite part of tour :)

I just realised that this sounds like the whole thing is over, it isn't but I'm already writing this in London so for me Vienna was the last hurrah and I shall miss it terribly :)
If you're in Berlin or Hamburg this weekend go and see them play. Details are on the JJ webpage.

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