Friday, November 11, 2011

Vienna in the fall

Days off are straight from heaven...
It's been a crazy couple of months in this nomads life and with a busy London stint one flight away, I tried to relax this week. Too much adrenaline and rushing around - my heart is about to gallop out of my chest and somehow I haven't slept for what feels like an eternity now - the dark circles under my eyes have extended all the way down to my chin!!!!!
So whenever the sun came out I tried to go for a walk and Wednesday was spent at the new Magritte exhibition at Albertina. A beautiful collection and quite funny for certain.
Most bizarre/random moment of the month happened when I walked out of the building and down the stairs. An Indian family came up to me and asked me to take a picture. Nice as I am I smiled and reached for the camera to take a photo of them, when the man says "no, you have to be in the photo!" WHAT??!! So he took a photo of his wife and myself haha I've been wrecking my brain ever since, who they might have confused me with. There were about thirty other people around, so why pick me? I guess I'll never know :)
Walking through the city I once again was blown away how beautiful Vienna is! The more I leave, the nicer it gets.
What followed was a much needed besties catch up with Ruth - coffee led to dinner. Followed by a trip to my favourite B family. They are my oasis of calm. Thanks Claudia for such a good night and being there for me xxx
Ruth and I found this fella looming over us...

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  1. Such a wonderful place, its like an heaven downstairs. I wish that I could be there.