Wednesday, November 23, 2011


When you spend an entire year cycling or walking everywhere you have to go, being back on London's public transport can seem quite claustrophobic at times.
It feels like a giant game of sardines every morning. Fit as many people in a crammed space as possible, needless to say that the concept of personal space goes out the window. Can't tell you how many times I've stepped on someone else's foot or fallen on people because there just aren't enough handles to hold on to. I'm surprised that no-one ever screams haha
Anyway when we moved the production over to the Peacock Theatre the other day the best thing to find out was, that I could walk across the bridge to catch a train home. Nothing better than coming out of your basement (no natural light, air or reception of any kind but space and so so much fun) and being able to take a 15 minute walk in fresh air. It revives your soul, let me tell you!
And when this is your view...
... you feel spoilt for working in one of the best cities this world has to offer :)
Thankful for the roller coaster life I get to live and experience these things. More on theatre and the crazyness it entails later xx

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