Tuesday, October 25, 2011

current obsession

ever since Ruth & Ian's wedding, this whole 50s thing has stuck with me. Turns out I've got the ideal measurements for that era: hips AND a waist. (this comes after years of trying to figure out what to do with an hourglass figure!!) Anyway lipstick was just the thing to add and I love it so much I put it on even if I'm all by myself and working from home - makes everything more sophisticated and fun! Ruth laughed at me when we skyped one day and I was literally in pjs but wearing MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo haha!
(Has anyone read Garance's list "10 degrees of sophistication"? You definitely should, she's funny and I can very easily relate to that list ha!)

I've been whistling this tune for more than a week now. Every time I stand behind the merch desk it finds me. People must think that there's something seriously wrong with this girl (also doesn't help my reputation as a hippie chick ahaha)
Maybe I'm just in love with collective like bands - hello Arcade Fire - but I think it's an amazing sign that two years on it still makes me happy.

the sky's the limit when it comes to printing. Fabric dying was followed by screen printing and stamping. Can you believe I even carved wood to create stamps to print??!!!! It is tons of fun.


  1. I have always been intrigued by printing but don't know much about it. Like I didn't realize it could involve the shower.

  2. hey Christa. When you make a stencil for screen printing, you have to do a pre-press and wash out the un-exposed areas. As I don't have a high-pressure cleaner the shower had to do the work :) Worked out really well though!
    I had no idea about that stuff before either x

  3. ich will ein 2 t-shirts von den ersten motiven, bitte!!!