Sunday, October 30, 2011

Konvoi tour day 13

Dresden you never fail to impress. Be it the beaten up club we got to play in or the back roads through pitch black fields that take us to our hotel... Add to that yum food, we loved it!
Shout out to the girl who managed to trip down the stairs, smashing her glass bottle when she face planted underneath my desk, cutting her hand open... seriously hope you are okay x
The crowd was great, they are now under the impression that I hail from french royalty and was brought up in a chateau in France and work just for the fun of it, as I wouldn't have to haha Sami can come up with so much crap :D
nap time
can anyone detect our FOH guys???
slightly manic at the end of the night
gorgeous ceiling - hints at how this place might have looked in its golden era
Raffi wearing his "Zoran Mischta" badge with pride

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