Monday, October 31, 2011

Konvoi tour day 14

How am I even begin to describe what went down in Karlsruhe...
We left Dresden early to have enough time to drive those 550km west. Shortly after Dresden we stopped to get some breakfast and picked up a hitchhiker, Afra. She's been travelling for the last three years after she finished training in her trade - carpentry. It is an old tradition in Germany to leave your home and travel for three years and a day to get more experience in your trade. There are strict rules: you wear a uniform, you can't pay for travelling and accommodation, you can't stay longer than three months in a spot, no cell phones or computers and you can't come closer than 50km to your home. They tramp the world and just work and learn. There are about 700 people from Germany, Austria and Switzerland doing this at the moment.
Afra showed us her travel book, it is filled with stamps from every place she went to, photos and little messages people wrote in it. A pretty incredible treasure trove! Thanks for sharing your story with us Afra, all the best for the next couple months.
We said good bye somewhere near Stuttgart and continued on our journey.
Substage proved to be a great venue, they had the nicest staff and the crowd was pumping! But the best thing about that night: lots of friends came to visit. Simon and Johann came all the way from Loerrach, Stephi from Stuttgart, Sami's childhood friend and his girlfriend drove an hour and who knows where Gregor's friend travelled from. Nothing beats having friends around! It's just that much better.
 Stephi in action :) she does an amazing job photographing... check out pics here
 signed my first arm ever haha
 friends and family - all completely mental!!
 Stephanie K or Benny??
Stephanie K meet Stephanie K haha
Karlsruhe THANK YOU for making me laugh till it hurt and brining us all together xx

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